Why Vote for Shields?

Why should you vote for me, Tristan Shields, for Delegate?

I know how hard it is to be an entrepreneur in this area. Young people leave and rarely come back. We need to keep our talent here by expanding opportunity. I am one of the few younger people in this region who came back to run a business. It’s a primary reason why I decided to run for political office. I have been in the music business during the most tumultuous time ever for that industry. Technology and changing distribution systems have completely displaced a generation of creative professionals. Learning to pivot, bounce back, fail, try new things are all essential skills necessary to live and lead today. I know how to be a leader and make things happen. Today’s disruptive economy and uncertainties demands leaders who see opportunities among the fog and have the courage to act. Thinking and acting collaboratively, learning fast, and keeping the people of the Piedmont first is what makes me the best option for Delegate.