Abortion: Why Virginia's Next | Tristan Shields

Abortion: Why Virginia’s Next

I wish I could just talk about our roads, our schools and the opioid epidemic. Things that our community desperately needs to address. But it’s now obvious that abortion will be a major issue in this November’s election. 

I don’t like to talk about it because no matter how pro-choice or pro-life you are, everyone is very conflicted on this issue. However, the reality is Roe v. Wade will be overturned and soon.

My question to you is will you let Virginia be Alabama, Georgia, or Missouri?

Because if the Republicans control the Virginia legislature in 2020 they will make us Alabama or Georgia.  Here is Bob Thomas, the Republican Delegate right down the road in Fredericksburg saying just that (Audio of Bob Thomas).

There’s no ambiguity in the Republican agenda about women and abortion. Their goal has been and continues to be to overturn Roe v. Wade.

There’s an outright war against women happening in America right now. It’s real obvious in Virginia. Look at the way Republicans voted last session. They just killed the ERA in committee. If our State legislature continues to be run by Republicans, they will make Virginia the next Alabama.

If you elect me in 2019 I will not let that happen. Vote for me and I will protect your rights.

I’m Tristan Shields. You can vote for me on June 11th in the Democratic Primary.