Americans’ Compassion trumps Trump (maybe) | Tristan Shields

Americans’ Compassion trumps Trump (maybe)

Another 180 at the White House. Today Trump announced he will sign an executive order ending family separation. Not sure who got  to Trump (Melania, Ivanka, public outcry, bad optics or Republicans so worried about their seats in November) but compassion seems to have won the day. That might change tomorrow so I am careful not to celebrate until we actually see the order to stop separating children from their parents and a more compassionate policy is established.

In all of this, Trump is still adhering to the rules of the “Big Lie.”   Political leaders who flip flop, blame others, and only consider short term results, find themselves in untenable situations like we are seeing with the immigration policy Trump initiated to separate children from their parents. Immigration is a complicated, complex issue. We need real compassionate leadership that considers American values, history and our future to solve this problem.