Healthcare | Tristan Shields


I’ll work to ensure all Virginians have access to healthcare. We need to be smart about expanding Medicaid and be ready for whatever form of TrumpCare arrives at our doorstep.

I want to specifically talk about women and healthcare. For the family to be healthy, women need to be healthy. In America, moms, grandmoms, daughters, nieces, daughter-in-laws are the caregivers of the family. Women provide the lion’s share of support to children and the elderly. They are our silent army of unpaid caregivers. Whether it’s Medicaid, Medicare or TrumpCare, access to affordable healthcare is crucial for families and women of all ages.

What does effective healthcare mean for a woman? It means not asking her to make a choice between food or medicine. It means she can choose when to start a family knowing her privacy and dignity are protected. It means having more options than quitting her paying job/career to ensure her ailing Mom or Dad are taken care of. Women’s healthcare is not only about her. It’s about how it fuses with the healthcare choices of her family.

Women’s voices need to be heard loud and clear and respected in the Virginia House of Delegates and I will work to make sure that happens.