Paris Climate Agreement and Us | Tristan Shields

Paris Climate Agreement and Us

Virginia District 18 – 2017

Whether in Paris, France or in our own District 18’s Paris, Virginia (Leeds Precinct), climate change is a real, local and global issue. Moments ago President Trump announced he is withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. This puts us at odds with every major country in the world.  Trump is abandoning the concept of American global leadership at a rapid pace.

However, Virginia does not have to follow.  We need Democrats in the Statehouse to be leaders on climate change and protect our environment.  If we want to keep the Piedmont healthy,  we must flip the Statehouse blue.  We can’t rely only on Executive action, like Terry McAuliffe’s Cap and Trade program to ensure Virginia is doing it’s part to protect the Earth.  The environment should be a bi-partisan issue but Republicans have shown, time and again, that it’s not their priority.

It’s very ironic to me that the job of Delegate has become exponentially more important as Trump continues to kick the can of responsibility to the states. Whether it’s greenhouse gasses or the Chesapeake Bay, November 2017’s election might be more important to Virginians than any in recent memory.

Please stand by me as I stand by our environment and protect the Piedmont.  The deadline for donations for this filing period is tonight at 12 midnight. Donate now and show the Republicans we understand how important this time is in Virginia’s history.