Politics of Coffee, Not Tea | Tristan Shields

Politics of Coffee, Not Tea

A primary objective of the Trump administration/ Republican party is to push more responsibility to the states. They do this to keep the Freedom Caucus happy and to avoid having to make hard choices. We are seeing this again and again – the latest healthcare debacle, the attack on the EPA, etc. The result of this strategy is that major policy decisions directly impacting the lives of Virginians will be made at the state level. This is why the House of Delegates race in 2017 is critical to the future of Virginia.

We need more than just a Democrat in the Governor’s mansion. We need a functional and productive legislature that represents the best interests of all Virginians.  The rural District 18 must go Blue in November. Here are some of the things I stand for:

  • Education:  keep and put our public schools and universities on top. This means keeping local school boards in charge, access to affordable college, and especially for our District, a rural internet that works for students.
  • Healthcare: ensure all Virginians have access to healthcare. This means finally expanding Medicaid and being ready for whatever form of TrumpCare arrives at our doorstep.
  • Civility & Fair Elections: move political discourse to problem solving and abandon polarization.  Politics is the problem, not policy. Gerrymandering and campaign finance laws have created a monster that leaves the majority of rural Virginians in the cold, feeling their votes don’t matter.
  • Immigration:  develop  smart, strategic and thoughtful policies that help our small businesses, our local police and legal immigrants. Immigrants are essential for our economy.
  • Women’s Issues: today’s politics are all about women’s issues. You cannot have a conversation about work, healthcare, family, education and retirement without involving and listening to women.

There couldn’t be a more critical time to put Democrats in the House of Delegates. My opponent, Michael Webert, is Republican Tea Party “yes” man. Things will only get worse for Virginians if he is allowed to stay in office.  Be sure to sign up for my Vote Shields mailing list so you can learn more about my positions and campaign. And, of course, DONATE!