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Rural Voters Are Not the Tea Party

Rural Democrats
The Republican Party has done a great job painting rural voters as a monolithic,  conservative block of people, easily manipulated to vote against their own interests. Here in Virginia, specifically District 18, this picture is the farthest thing from the truth.

Change is Gonna Come

Democratic and moderate rural voters have been too quiet for too long. The time has come to raise our voices together and let Virginia and the world know that rural America is not a place of hate, prejudice and where only the wealthy rule.

Moderates, liberals and progressives are now awake and consciously taking action in District 18. Whether that’s resistance groups or unity rallies, I’m seeing a real commitment to change.  We are here to make an historic win in November, 2017 to stop the Trump madness.

My First Pledge for Rural Voters in District 18

Our votes will matter only if we take back the VA House. That means winning in places like District 18 where Tea Party Republicans for too long have gone uncontested.

My pledge is to win in November and represent your interests and concerns to make our community and Virginia a place where all can prosper. How are we going to do this? By turning every resister +1 into a registered voter. Not just the resistors, but the resistors’ mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, sisters, brothers, friends. All of us must believe deeply that voting matters. We will not go to the polls alone!!


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