Thank You for Being a Friend | Tristan Shields

Thank You for Being a Friend

Thank you for being a friend.

A happy and safe Thanksgiving to you and your family.  Let’s savor the moment and come back refreshed and ready to move into the 2019 election.

Celebrating Thanksgiving this year (for us rural Democrats) will be a truly earned joy. We’ve worked hard,  we’re fired up and ready to make Virginia’s Blue Wave  crash into District 18.

More energy and money has been spent in District 18 to get out the Democratic vote in the last two years than ever before. We must keep the momentum going.

Consider it Official

I am running for Virginia Delegate in District 18 in 2019.

Together we can win the 18th and flip the House of Delegates blue. I’m not accepting money from corporate PACs (I’ve taken the pledge not to accept Dominion money). I want and need grassroots support. No amount is too big or too small. Please join my campaign today.

I want to talk with every person who wants to speak with me and their friends and their friends’ friends. My goal is to have a meet & greet in every precinct in the 18th in the next two months. So call/text at 540-216-2095 or email and let’s get started. — Tristan