What About Healthcare? | Tristan Shields

What About Healthcare?

What is your position on making healthcare more accessible to everyday Virginians?

We are giving away millions of dollars every day we don’t expand Medicaid. $10.4 billion to date. That money is going to other states so that their citizens get the healthcare that over 400,000 Virginians need. This is not fiscally responsible. At the same time, we need to be smart about expanding Medicaid and be ready for whatever form of TrumpCare arrives at our doorstep, assuming Republicans in congress can get their act together.

We need to rethink healthcare, especially for women. For the family to be healthy, women need to be healthy. In America, moms, grandmas, daughters, nieces, daughter-in-laws are the caregivers of the family. Women provide the lion’s share of support to children and the elderly. They are our silent army of unpaid caregivers. Whether it’s Medicaid, Medicare or TrumpCare, access to affordable healthcare is crucial for families and women of all ages.